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Please use the reservation form to make a booking
directly to the hotel. You will get the low factory price.
After  we received your Reservation Form, we will send
you information about availability and further information
on how to place the deposit.
1.Room booking require a deposit of US$ 20.00
2.Room + Airport Transfer service booking,  
require a deposit of US$ 40.00
Hotel Policy:
Cancellation made no less than 7 days before
arrival, the deposit will be refunded 100%.
Fed T: I prefer to book hotels directly, and feel much
more comfortable arriving at the hotel with a written
confirmation or email that is coming directly from the
hotel . . . ..

Lisa L: I like to establish myself as a client directly with
the hotel …..

Dino S: By booking directly, I get the low original
“factory price” . And.I save the hotel the considerable
expense of paying commissions ...

D.D.: ....then get a confirmation emailed from the hotel,
and take it with you. No blame game, no evasion - if
something is not right they'll have to make it right.