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Many publications and books have been written about Bali, its richness and the
beauty of the cultural heritage, but there are still mystery and magic unsolved.
To feel all those spiritual atmosphere and also to witness the stunning range of the
sceneries, you must be there. Find the answer, how Bali can get its unique shape
and keep it for centuries. Do not delay. Prepare now for the exciting holiday.
barong and rangda, eternal war between good and evil in bali dance
is an ideal place as your
home-base in Bali on
your long or short holiday. From this hotel you
can easily capture the whole beauty of the
scenery as well as the cultural activities
anywhere in the Bali island. Transportation can
be arranged, car rental with or without the driver
is available at the hotel's front desk. Just simple
as that. This is a practical way to turn your
dreams to reality.
Welcome to Lovina Beach Hotel
Lovina Beach, its name follow the Lovina Beach Hotel since 1953
The sea is calm all the year around which is ideal for salt water
swimming for the whole family. Coral reefs just offshore and the
colorful marine fish is abundance. Out to the sea, snorkeling will
be the exciting experience any time of the day and dolphin
watching on an outrigger canoe is another morning fun. Take a
walk through the rice field in front of the hotel towards the
mountain. Or take the shady track along the coconut plantation
from village to village among the banana trees and see the
smiling faces of the locals greet you halo, halo.
Postal Address:
Lovina Beach Resort
Bali - Indonesia 81152
Phone: 62-362-41005
Fax: 62-362-41473
But remember - anyone who is looking forward to a holiday in Bali ought to think
about the importance of choosing the right kind of accommodation. Some people
are happy with the luxury of the big star hotels, but consequently less personal
touch. But there are many have enjoyed their holidays in the cozy bungalows at
LOVINA BEACH HOTEL which is located right on the beach at the North coast of
Bali. Reasonably priced. A Hotel with a plus of services.
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